World Automotive Companies are Rushing to the 10th Auto Parts International Fair 2015 in Tehran


This year is supposed be critical situation for competitors in Iran market, based on Homasa consulting group reports, many European companies are willing to take part in Iran market. After 5+1 and Islamic Republic of Iran historical deal in July 2015 and Iran parlement and USA congress voted for written deal, there is an enormus rush to Iran market in different business fields all over world. Iran with a powerful political and economic system is considered unique by many researchers and analysits.


Automotive industry has been playing a noticable role for Iran economy during last years as the second most active industry of the country, after its oil and gas industry, accounting for 10% of Iran’s GDP and 4% of the workforce (700,000 persons).

The 10th Auto Parts International Fair will be held form 16 to 18 November 2015 in Tehran internation expo.

The event will seek to introduce the achievements, capacities and capabilities of the manufacturers, encourage exchanges and industrial cooperation between the Iranian and foreign firms, identify new export markets, present latest scientific, technical and industrial breakthrough and investment in the motor-car industry in Iran.


Tehran Auto Parts Expo in 2014

Tehran Auto parts expo 2014

Based on reports of last year, A total of 450 domestic and 440 foreign companies have showcased their latest equipment and services in the expo.

Foreign companies are from Germany, Turkey, Japan, Italy, Argentina, India, France, Britain, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, China, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Bosnia, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria.

The items included spare parts, spare part production machineries, research and design engineering sets, raw materials, after-sales services, publications, accessories and cleaning products.

The exhibition paves the way for expanding transactions and cooperation between Iranian and foreign companies, boosting exports, promoting marketing, showcasing potentials of the country, attracting domestic and foreign investments and creating sustainable jobs.

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