Air Freight
A personal service, expertly delivered that is what makes Trans Global stand out and it is what keeps our customers coming back to us over and over again. No matter how big or small your freight requirements
Ocean freight
World Green Line Co. agents offer global ocean freight services at all Iran and international ports. Our international correspondents are carefully qualified ocean freight forwarders and licensed non-vessel operating common carriers so you can trust us to make sure your global ocean freight gets where it is going intact on time. We also offer customs broker services, as well.
road freight
Nowadays, according to commercial active market in the regional and adjacent countries of our country and being affordable in terms of financial, economical and time for those natural and legal persons who intend to export goods to Europe and import goods from there as well, we can mention land transportation as the best option in the case of exporting and importing goods from mentioned countries. Our agents offers the services using global positioning system (GPS) and eligible TIR and CMR convention devices
Customs Clearance
Custom clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate exports or imports into the country , representing client during customs examination , assessment , payment of duty and co-taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.
According to the modern demand of persons, institutions and organizations to the complete transportation systems (Delivery Duty paid, DDP) or the same Door-to-Door services which are the general abilities of our company and the most important step of the customs formality process whether for the exporting and in internal customs of Iran or the importing and in external customs of Iran, so we can do your customs formality easily by the experience and utilization of powerful agents until the goods are ready for shipment
Packing and Pick-up
Picking up the cargo from the house, company, factory, warehouse and… must be such a secure and safe manner along the way for costumer confidence, also it is much important to deliver cargo to customs for export in minimum time. This service is available to all over Iran
Excess Baggage
If you want to migrate or travel from country, always carrying extra luggage can be one of your concerns. That how much luggage can we carry? What can we carry? How must we pack our luggage? And… these are questions that can happen to you. You can just contact us and after our free and comprehensive consultation, utilize our services for carrying your luggage
Charter Flights
When your most urgent shipments require the exclusive use of an entire aircraft, contact us for our dependable air charter services across iran and to worldwide locations
Domestic Transit
It is a time-consuming and costly matter for companies to apply for permission to transit of goods from customs to customs and do all the unloading and loading of goods, especially according to new directive to internal transit of imported goods from Bandar Abbas to internal customs that almost applies all the final clearance processes for internal transit
Courier service
We cover every Iran address with deliveries from Mondays to Saturdays*. Whether it is your company’s urgent or time-sensitive, single or multiple shipments, Speedpost is your one-stop solution provider, designed to meet all your delivery needs.